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AB+AC Architects is an international multi-disciplinary studio operating within the field of urbanism, architecture and design.  

Through a strong research-based approach, the practice is committed to develop innovative strategies, design smart solutions, promote positive change and build remarkable spaces for a better everyday life.

Established in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, AB+AC Architects is a partnership and a shared design journey between Arianna Bavuso, Italian, and Andre Chedid, American-Lebanese, after more than 10 years of collective working experience at international award-winning firms such as Aires Mateus Arquitectos (Lisbon), Gehl Architects (Copenhagen), Superimpose Architecture (Beijing), Vector Architects (Beijing) and Buro Ole Scheeren (Beijing).

The office has recently completed a cultural space dedicated to healing through art, movement, education and food in the historical centre of Lisbon as well as the renovation of a short-term housing complex.

At AB+AC, each project is guided by the conviction that architecture has the power to influence the sort of people we can become or the kind of life we will lead. Therefore, at the core of our design, lies the pursuit of an architectural beauty that is contagious and fulfils a whole range of physical, social and emotional needs in order to stimulate a healthier quality of life.

The practice is primarily based in Lisbon but embraces the possibility of developing a series of itinerant office stations around the world starting from the cities of Milan, Beirut and New York, as a resilient response to our current times.

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Urban Planning
Strategic Design
Property Scouting
Architectural Design

Interior Design

Exhibition Design
Installation Design
Experience Design
Product Design
Branding Strategy

(past & present)

Aleksi Snetkov,
Architect (Russia)

Beatrice Bavuso,
Graphic Designer (Italy)

Le Labo Digital,
Web Development (Lebanon)

Rita Gonçalves Pereira,
Real Estate Consultant (Portugal)

Ricardo Oliveira Alves,
Architecture Photographer (Portugal)

Claudia Francisco,
Social Media Assistant (Mozambique)